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Whole Child Approach

Kids Academy of Texas offers educational child care for all children ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Our staff is committed to providing a child-initiated approach to learning that enriches the whole child. It's never too early to provide your child with an environment that promotes learning through stimulating opportunities, while supporting and nurturing their individual needs. The amount of development that takes place in a child's first year of life is tremendous.

Using the High Reach program, Kids Academy of Texas offers early educational child care and a hands-on approach to learning. By promoting language development and opportunity for positive social interactions, your child will grow and develop with a solid foundation.  In addition to these learning tools, our early education child care facility gives each family a detailed communication letter which will be sent home monthly that allows you to participate in our programs. Included in the letter are recommended books, toys, and ways you can enhance the extended learning environment at home.


Meet the Team

While your child is busy learning, playing, singing, painting, and growing, you can take comfort in our commitment to providing a safe environment.

Access to the facility also requires a pass code for entrance.  Each family is given an personalized pass code upon registration. State-of-the-art attendance software allows staff to view photographs of the child and view a list of persons authorized by the family to pick your child up. You can be assured, while your child is climbing, sliding, and exploring, we never stop working to ensure your child's safety.

Here are the Leaders of Kids Academy of Texas who will be partnering with you.


SylviaNicole Rivera


Nicole has been in the childcare industry for going on 13 years, and has spent the last seven of those years developing a family environment at  Kids Academy of Texas. Her passion lies in not only the safety and security of the children at the center, but in their education. Nicole’s number one goal is to set children on the path for lifelong success! As Director of Kids Academy of Texas she is able to work with our teaching staff in order to train and educate them on various methods that will help your children learn and grow!

Courtney Hollar

Assistant Director

Courtney has been in the childcare field for three years. She has spent those three years at Kids Academy of Texas learning through every avenue available. As Assistant Director Courtney is able to interact with families and their children on a personal level. Courtney has a strong background in education and understands the importance of teaching children the basics they will need in order to succeed during their elementary years and beyond!

Safe School Plan:

In case of an evacuation emergency, we will relocate to:
Grace Church
2860 W. Camp Wisdom Road
Grand Prairie, TX. 75052
All students will be transported by Kids Academy of Texas to this location and will be picked up at the family’s earliest convenience

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